زبان انگليسي سرايان (اندیشه)

زبان انگليسي سرايان (اندیشه)
آینده شما در اندیشه ماست
[ جمعه بیست و هشتم مهر 1391 ] [ 7:11 ] [ محمد الهي ]
[ جمعه بیست و دوم مهر 1390 ] [ 9:25 ] [ محمد الهي ]
نمونه سوالات درس به درس کتاب زبان پیش دانشگاهی 1 و 2
نمونه سوالات درس به درس کتاب زبان پیش دانشگاهی 1 و 2

درس اول    درس یک پیش دانشگاهی

درس دوم   درس دوم پیش دانشگاهی

درس سوم     درس سوم پیش دانشگاهی

درس چهارم    درس چهارم پیش دانشگاهی

درس پنجم    درس پنجم پیش دانشگاهی

درس ششم    درس ششم پیش دانشگاهی

درس هفتم     درس هفتم پیش دانشگاهی

درس هشتم   درس هشتم پیش دانشگاهی


[ پنجشنبه هفتم بهمن 1389 ] [ 12:12 ] [ محمد الهي ]

In the name of God

1. Police hope that the public will help them ……..the terrorists.

a. finding          b. to find          c. found            d. finds

2. Fortunately, he was made     …      my money back.

a. giving           b. give             c. gave            d. to give

3. Would you mind helping me     …      this can?

a. opens           b. open            c. opening          d. opened

4. Most working environments are improved by      …      a few plants and pictures.

a. to add          b. adds            c. adding           d. add

5. I was too tired.That is why I stopped to -----.    

  a. amuse          b. shout             c. relax                   d. say

ادامه مطلب
[ چهارشنبه بیست و دوم آبان 1387 ] [ 5:0 ] [ محمد الهي ]
[ چهارشنبه بیست و یکم آذر 1386 ] [ 6:48 ] [ محمد الهي ]

In The Name Of God

Pre-University             Book (1)            Lesson (2)


1. Good eye contact helps your audience ----- more relaxed.

     1. feel              2. feeling            3. feels                   4. felt

2. The teacher made all the students ----- a lecture during the term.

      1. to give         2. gives               3. give                    4. giving


3. By ----- number 110 , the police help you.

       1. call             2. calling            3. to call                 4. calls

4. My brother didn't ----- me to do my homework.

     1. let               2. make              3. enjoy             4. help


5. The bed was so ----- that I didn't like to get up.

       1. wonderful   2. reliable          3. probable            4. comfortable

6. I was too tired.That is why I stopped to -----.

       1. amuse          2. shout             3. relax                   4. say


7. How did Mary ----- when she heard about the accident?

       1. force             2. react              3. mention             4. affect

8. Face to face words can have a stronger ----- than the message.

       1. effect            2. gesture           3. respect              4. future


9. She can't ----- on her lessons with all that noise.

       1. control          2. concentrate   3. understand       4. disturb

10. Most of the young people have a ----- opinion about future.

       1. positive         2. lazy                3. facial                 4. comfortable


11. Don't ----- against the chair while you are talking to your teacher.

       1. leave              2. stay                3. lean                   4. cycle

12. The ----- on Mary's face showed that she was very excited.

       1. reaction          2. decision         3. attention           4. expression


13. Mrs Ahmadi is quite ----- because she has lost her job.

       1. facial               2. nervous         3. positive              4. negative

14. Having eye ----- with the audience makes your speech more effective.

       1. contact           2. confidence     3. capacity             4. communication


15. The doctor asked Reza to breathe deeply so that he could ------ his lungs.

       1. affect              2. accept             3. choose                4. check

16. Nowadays ----- with each other is easier and faster than the past.

    1. observation    2. concentration  3. communication 4. presentation


17. Mr Moosavi seemed very angry and spoke in an impolite -----.

        1. tap                  2. term                 3. tool                       4. tone

18. Take a short look at yourself in the ----- before leaving the house.

        1. movement      2. mine                 3. mirror                  4. mood


19. Most of the people have a fear to speak in -----.

        1. state                2. stance               3. posture               4. public


20. People always ----- Mr Brown because he's a very honest person.

         1. disturb           2. respect              3. involve                4. raise

[ دوشنبه بیست و یکم آبان 1386 ] [ 7:43 ] [ محمد الهي ]

In The Name Of God

Pre _ University       Book (1)          Lesson (1)

1. Food that has a lot of ---------- in it , can make you fat.

     1. vitamins             2. calories          3. fuels                 4. bones

2. My little sister is a very -------- girl.She is always running around.

     1. lazy                    2. honest                 3. active          4. fat


3. This box is too heavy.You can't ---------- it.

     1. lift                      2. leave            3. learn       4. listen to

4. If your heart does not ------ blood around your body, you will die.

     1. pull                     2. push          3. turn            4. pump


5. We believe that God has ---------- all the world.

     1. created         2. stayed in    3. mentioned   4. invented

6. To have a regular ---------- is very good for your health.

     1. experience           2. pressure      3. present  4. exercise


7. Mrs Amiri is very ---------- secretary.She works very well.

     1. silent                   2. sufficient    3. efficient  4. busy

8. Smoking is an important reason for ---------- cancer.

     1. chest                    2. lung           3. mouth       4. blood


9. What kind of ----- do you use for your personal car, gas or petrol?

      1. weight                  2. fuel            3. food       4. shape

10. We will have less air pollution if people use ------ instead of cars.

      1. bikes                     2. trains       3. airplanes   4. motors


11. Children and young boys usually ------- their parents for money.

      1. pick up                  2. listen to   3. burn up    4. rely on

12. The air was so smoky that it was difficult to ----------.

      1. breathe                  2. bring             3. brush    4. bother


13. To give ---------- once a month is useful for your health.

       1. blood                     2. vessel      3. mind            4. heart


14. Children usually have a flexible body.They can ----- their toes easily.

        1. prepare                 2. touch           3. teach      4. bring


15. ---------- your answers with answers on the whiteboard.

        1. Give                      2. Take        3. Show     4. compare


16. It is better to ---------- your knees when you lift heave things.

        1. fix                 2. bend            3. break      4. pick


17. The bus driver died in the accident and some passengers were ---------.

         1. armed         2. broken        3. injured      4. created


18. During the aerobic exercise, the blood moves easily through the blood ----------.

       1. vessels         2. cells          3. skins           4. lungs


19. Our body uses some of the ---------- in the food as fuel.

           1. cells         2. partners         3. nutrients     4. vessels

 20. Every human needs enough calories for his body's different ---- 

    1. functions         2. teeth     3. chemicals    4. supporters

[ دوشنبه بیست و یکم آبان 1386 ] [ 7:42 ] [ محمد الهي ]

1. I want to go swimming ----- it is cold or not.

     a. as              b. when                     c. since                    d. whether

2. ----- she is an Englishwoman, we can't speak to her in Farsi.

     a. Since        b. When                    c. Whether               d. Or

3. Some people change their eating habits ----- they get older.

     a. when        b. whether                c. as                          d. or

4. Exercise is important because it ---------- people’s bodies and minds healthy.

     a. protects                  b. stays    c. keeps                    d. increases

5. Aerobics is any --------- of activity that makes your muscles use oxygen.

     a. effect               b. choice           c. kind                      d. basis

6.  Exercising is the most ---------- way to feel happy.

      a. national  b. regular              c. bothering              d. excellent

7. Endorphins are chemicals that ---------- a happy feeling.

     a. increase                  b. store  c. create                  d. produce

8. The ---------- of heart is to pump blood through the body.

     a. fact                          b. shape  c. influence             d. function

9. Exercise can help you keep in ----------.

      a. shock           b. shape           c. show                    d. share

10. He ---------- himself out on the grass to rest.

       a. stretched    b. spoiled        c. searched             d. supported

11.Video cameras are becoming easier to use.  In ----------, they’re becoming cheaper.

       a. shape      b. bracket                   c. addition              d. front

12. What kind of ---------- do these cars use?

        a. fuel                           b. fat      c. skin                      d. joint

13. There are so many different ---------- why exercise is important for you.

         a. supporters      b. feelings      c. reasons                d. calories

14. In order to get stronger, some people ---------- weights.

          a. climb               b. lift              c. pick up                d. take

15. Be careful as you are walking down the ----------.You may fall down.

           a. stores            b. stairs       c. stretchers         d. supporters

16. We should sometimes change our ideas.In other words we should be ----------.

     a. flexible b. dependable    c. believable   d. fashionable

17. When you breathe deeply, fresh air comes into your ---------.

          a. vessels     b. skins                      c. hearts              d. lungs

18. He died and was ---------- from his pains and troubles.

           a. released    b. created              c. stored             d. injured

19. They were very ---------- because they played in a famous football team.

            a. fresh         b. extra                 c. proud              d. actual

20. If the body is not able to use the calories that come from food, it stores them as

      fat. The underlined "it" refers to ----------.                   

             a. body          b. food           c. fat                    d. calory

[ دوشنبه بیست و یکم آبان 1386 ] [ 7:40 ] [ محمد الهي ]

تقديم به شما : که مي خواهيد براي شرکت در کنکور 87 و آزمونهاي آيلتس و يا تافل آماده شويد: تست  لغت چهار گزينه اي بر اساس کتاب زبان پيش دانشگاهي



 بزودي: تست درک مطلب 5  گزينه اي (با دو گزينه صحيح)  بر اساس کتاب زبان پيش دانشگاهي عرضه خواهد شد. منتظر باشيد!

برگرفته از وبلاگ استاد لطفيان













Choose the correct option.


1.Just because you’re on a diet, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to………..

a-excite                        b-taste                          c-exercise                  d-weigh


2.Married people live longer and have better general…………than the unmarried.

a-knowledge                b-.health                       c-bones                     d-muscles


3.Milk is a very ………  food, containing protein, vitamins and minerals.

a-nutritious                   b-bothering                   c-weak                      d-enjoyable


4.By the time I got home, my……….  ached all over and I knew I was getting flu.

a-toes                           b-heart                         c-stomach                 d-body   


5.I can’t make up my……….     which sweater to buy.

a-skull                          b-mind                         c-brain                      d-memory


6.When you exercise, your   ………..beats faster.

a-muscle                       b-joint                          c-pump                        d-heart


7.I think natural gas is the best ……….for home heating.

a-ability                        b-fuel                           c-rib                             d-lip

8.Regular exercise will keep your body ……….   .

a-bent                          b- by heart                   c-by touch                    d-in shape


9.I feel very ……….when people admire my work.

a-proud                        b-overweight                c-healthy                      d-shallow


10.The new seat belt laws are for your own……….  .

a-nutrients                    b-protection                 c-stretcher                    d-happiness


11.The average ……….of a baby at birth is just over seven pounds.

a-support                     b-cost                          c-width             d-weight


12.Make sure you put the cork back……….in the bottle.

a-suddenly                    b-really             c-firmly             d-loudly



13.Some people go blind as a result of accidents or……….,others have never been able to see.

a-vessels                       b-illness                   c-tiredness                       d-skin




14.The disease in his lungs made breathing very……….   .

a-extra                         b-painful                       c-flexible                      d-famous


15.I jumped behind a wall to ………myself from the explosion.

a-introduce                   b-extend                       c-brush                         d-protect


16.Video games are very ……….with children these days.

a-popular                     b-favorite                     c-athletic                      d-effective


17.The doctor listened to the man’s……….to see if he was still breathing.

a-health                        b-chest                         c-blood                        d-growth


18.The sun was shining and Nicky was in a good……….   .

a-injury             b-touch                        c-addition                              d-mood


19. You can’t just……….on your parents lending you the money.

a-stretch                       b-reduce                      c-provide                     d-rely


20.Adrenalin is……….in moments of danger.

a-decreased                 b-salty                          c-released                    d-fatty


21.Yoy can still enjoy sports……….you are young or old.

a-so                             b-whether                     c-when                         d-as


22.Can you focus on your homework ……….your friends are talking?

a-when                         b-because                    c-since                         d-whether


23. …….. I was approaching the house,the door opened.

A-Therefore                 b-Since                        c-As                             d.Whereas

ادامه مطلب
[ سه شنبه سوم مهر 1386 ] [ 4:22 ] [ محمد الهي ]
آدرس سایت آزمون دانشگاه آWWW.Azmoon.Comزاد اسلامی

کليد سئوالات گروه آزمايشي علوم انساني سال 1386
  • کليد سئوالات گروه آزمايشي علوم انساني سال 1386 - ( پاسخنامه دفترچه سوالات عمومي ):::::::(پاسخنامه دفترچه سوالات اختصاصي )


    سئوالات گروه آزمايشي علوم انساني سال 1386
    سئوالات گروه آزمايشي علوم انساني سال 1386
    ادامه مطلب

    کليد اوليه سئوالات گروه آزمايشي زبان سال 1386
  • کليد اوليه سئوالات گروه آزمايشي زبان سال 1386
    ادامه مطلب

    سئوالات گروه آزمايشي زبان سال 1386
    سئوالات گروه آزمايشي زبان سال 1386
    ادامه مطلب

    کليد سئوالات گروه آزمايشي علوم تجربي سال 1386
  • کليد سئوالات گروه آزمايشي علوم تجربي سال 1386 - ( پاسخنامه دفترچه سوالات عمومي ):::::::(پاسخنامه دفترچه سوالات اختصاصي )

    دفترچه سئوالات عمومي گروه آزمايشي علوم تجربی- سال 1386
    دفترچه سئوالات عمومي گروه آزمايشي علوم تجربی- سال 1386
    ادامه مطلب

    کليد سئوالات گروه آزمايشي هنر سال 1386
    کليد سئوالات گروه آزمايشي هنر سال 1386
    ادامه مطلب

    سئوالات گروه آزمايشي هنر سال 1386
    سئوالات گروه آزمايشي هنر سال 1386
    ادامه مطلب

    کليد سئوالات گروه آزمايشي رياضي و فني سال 1386
    ( پاسخنامه دفترچه سوالات عمومي ):::::::(پاسخنامه دفترچه سوالات اختصاصي )

    سوالات کنکور سراسری رشته ریاضی فیزیک درسال 86
    سئوالات گروه آزمايشي رياضي و فني سال 1386

    ادامه مطلب

    شيوه‌هاي صحيح تست‌زني كنكور اعلام شد
    شيوه‌هاي صحيح تست‌زني كنكور اعلام شد
    رقابت علمي ‌‌٥/١ ميليون كنكوري از پنجشنبه آغاز مي‌شود
    داوطلبان در تطبيق شماره‌هاي سوال و پاسخنامه دقت كامل داشته باشند

    ادامه مطلب

    توصيه‌هاي روانشناسان به كنكوريها براي رفع اضطراب؛
    يه‌هاي روانشناسان به كنكوريها براي رفع اضطراب؛
    از نگاه اجمالي به جميع سوالات خودداري كنيد
    از كم‌خوابي بپرهيزيد
    شير، نوشيدني مناسبي براي پيش از آزمون نيست

    ادامه مطلب

    چند نکته در جلسه امتحان کنکور
    برای موفقیت در جلسه امتحانی کنکور سراسری نکات زیر مراعات شود
    ادامه مطلب

    چگونه برای کنکور آماده شویم؟
    قابل توجه دانش آموزان سال سوم دبیرستان و کلیه ی عزیزانی که قصد شرکت در کنکور سال آینده دارند
    ادامه مطلب

    امتحان زبان
    قابل توجه دانش آموزان ذبیرستان شهید باهنر ایلام
    ادامه مطلب

    دونمونه سوال امتحان پایانی سال اول و دوم دبیرستان درس زبان انگلیسی
    دو نمونه سوال امتحانی پایان ترم درس زبان انگلیسی سال اول و دوم دبیرستان
    ادامه مطلب

    نمونه سوالات دروس مختلف پیش دانشگاهی
    نمونه سوالات دروس مختلف پیش دانشگاهی
    ادامه مطلب

    نمونه سوالات دروس مختلف دوره ی دبیرستان
    نمونه سوالات دروس مختلف دبیرستان
    ادامه مطلب

    [ جمعه پانزدهم تیر 1386 ] [ 7:34 ] [ محمد الهي ]

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