زبان انگليسي سرايان (اندیشه)

زبان انگليسي سرايان (اندیشه)
آینده شما در اندیشه ماست



   واژگان : با كلمات ارائه شده جملات زير را كامل كنيد.

   ))            mixed up   -  suitable- dolls- coach- religions 

        conversation- run out –get in to trouble-space))


5-winter is not a …………… time for swiming.

6-I would like to study about the moon and ………….. .

7-The golden ………….. in the toy town is pulled by tiny horses.

8-People who can not read and write often……………

9-Islam is one of the great …………… of the world.

10-We can’t buy any things We have …………of money.

11-Mr smith often ……………. With her husband about politics

12-Little girls usually like to play with their …………..




از گزينه هاي پيشنهادي پاسخ درست را انتخاب كنيد.


13-The blackboard is 2 meters ………and 90 cintemeters wide.

A:deep                B: long                 C: tall                    D: thin


14-she was very ………. , so she drank a whole glass of water.

A: thirsty             B: strong               C: hungry             D: careful


15-We know that the same side of the moon ……… the earth all the time.

A:faces                 B: heats                 C: moves               D:needs


16-I have  two brothers …….. of them are in the navy.

A:one                  B: both                   C: some                  D: many


17-He washed his hands with ………. and water.

A:soap               B: soup                    C: smoke                 D: steam

18-Birds and wild animals are kept in big ………. In the zoo.


A: stores           B: labs                      C: boxes                   D: cages




مترادف ( هم معني)كلمات داده شده را بنويسيد.

19- wear =             20- return =              21-  fast =               22- sad =  





  متضاد كلمات داده شده  را بنويسيد .  

23-behind =              24- pull =             25- late =                26- usual = 



مناسبترين گزينه را اننتخاب كنيد.

27-We  had to walk home because there was ……….bus.

A: some                          B:any                 C: no                 D: afew


 28- She went Shiraz ……….her relatives.

A:to visit                     B: visited            C: visites            D: visit


29- If my friend calls, I ………him about our changes in the plans.

A: have  told               B: will tell           C: tells                  D:told


30-This is ……….best dictionary in Iran.

A: the                         B: a                    C: -                       D; an


31- Is this your umbrella?            No, it’s ………..

A: my                         B: mine              C: your                 D: yours


32-Nasser was the only student………..was given a reward yesterday.

A: what                      B: who                C: which               D: whose



با استفاده از دانش خود جملات زير را كامل كنيد.

33-A farmer  works in the field. A sailor works in the …………

34-Clever students always study and try to get  good ……………




[با كلمات بهم ريخته زير جمله بسازيد.

35-spring – flowers – beautiful- in – are- grow – very – that – fast


36- time- breathing – can – a long – we – for – stop - ?




 كاربرد زبان: پاسخ سؤالات سمت چپ را از جملات سمت راست انتخاب كنيد.(يك كلمه اضافي است.)

37- May I help you?                             A: Of course not.

38- Is there a cheaper one?                  B: Yes, here you are.

39-Would you mind  helping               C: It’s not very big  

    Clean my room.?                              D: It’s pretty cold most of the time.

  40-What’s  Tehran like                       E: No,I haven’t.

41- What’s the weather like                 F: yes, I’m looking of a dress    

.in  Hamadan                                         G: It’s a crowded place

42-Have you got any children?







تلفظ : در هر گروه چهار كلمه اي زير، تلفظ حروف صدا دار كدام كلمه با كلمات ديگر متفاوت است.

43- A: clear                  B: near                    C: hear                 D: wear


44- A:round                 B: touch                   C: south              D: sound






 درك مطلب:     با توجه به مفهوم جمله جواب صحيح را انتخاب كنيد.  

45-I go to the dentist every month because I ………………………….


A: hate to have clean teeth.            (   )

B: prefer to have bad teeth.           (   )

C: need only some of my teeth.      (   )

D: like to have good teeth.              (   )


46-Toy houses might come only to your waist.

 We understand from this sentence that:


A: We are as tall as toy houses.            (   )

B: We are taller than toy houses.          (   )

C:Toy houses are as big as real houses.(   )

D: We are shorter than toy houses.       (   )




متن زير را بخوانيد و به سؤالات آن پاسخ دهيد.

Charles Dickens is one of the greatest writers in the English langueges.His father was a clerk.in an office.There were eight children in the family so, life was hard.Charles went to school and his teachers thought he was very clever.after a  time he went to work in a Factory where he washed bottles. He worked ten hours a day and earn six pounds a week. Every night after work he walked four miles to his room. Charles hated it and never forget those days. He used it in many stories like “ David Copperfield” and“ oliver Twist”


47-What did Charles’ teachers think about him?


48-How far was it from his room to the factory?



True     or      False


49-There were eight children in the factory.                               (     )

50-Charles was paid Six pounds for ten hours of week.            (      )

51Charles never forgot the days when he worked in factory.   (      )

52-Chareles washed bottles in a factory.                                    (      )                                








[ یکشنبه سی ام اردیبهشت 1386 ] [ 6:28 ] [ محمد الهي ]

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